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poptart? don't you mean sodatart?

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question: where can i watch the stream?



Hahaha, here she is!! Thank you for sending ^u^

oh yea!! there’s like this unofficial tradition where people try to stay a night at old chateau (like basically a haunted house but it’s the chateau instead), because they got like ‘tagged’ to do it, and it’s like a pass down thing

the ghost pokemon and rotom that live in the old chateau just loveee to mess with the people during that time of the year that do try to stay a whole night there; whether be it just doing small things like changing time on clock or making noises to scattering books in some rooms.
It’s something that the teens do more than the kids or adults; most don’t stay the night there as they get a bit creeped out by the mysterious phenomenal stuff happening there 


Also boop doodles of Dawn and her possible Mega Lopunny

Inspired a bit by noodlerama and absolitely's headcanons of her having a mega stone in her hairclip, I kinda imagined she'd get a matching brooch to put on Lopunny's vest. :>

omg but what if touko & touya take rosa and nate as apprentices for like the basic 101 of pranks and scaring. Rosa and nate have a very successful soul stealing spook that year

do you think harley would try to pull that card of where he goes naked on halloween orrr

cacnea said: i feel like ursula would really love or hate it

ooohh yeaahh. she would probably enjoy it if she could do something to dawn, if anything else (as in her getting pranked or something) then she would be flat out like no

johtoing said: barry or cameron no questions asked

yeess omg. this is terrible but what if barry put kennys whole room with tfw no gf meme posters and he put like dawns face on them

on-cloud-arcanine said: omg yes chili and iris would be prank masters

yess they would. omg imagine them just going at each other and cilan being like “isn’t this a bit too much..”

espeonsweetie replied to your post:What are some of your Sinnoh headcanons? Doesn’t have to be Halloween.

ooh ooh what would celestic town do? i feel like little festivals and grandparents recounting spooky tales in the square (or something) would be fun!

oh yea totally!! i bet that cynthia’s grandma would tell little kids about myths or tales while passing around candy, maybe even some picture books!! Sometimes Cynthia herself would come there (and it would be more crowded than usual) and she herself would share tales too (and there could be like a bonfire and ppl are roasting marshmallows) whether she made it up or not for the kids.

OH OH and they could have some fishing games there too but you instead fish for like pumpkins!! just for fun mostly